Complete Streets/Transit Oriented Development Planning

City of Atlanta Comprehensive Plan

City of Atlanta/VHB

Study Highlights:

  • Used Atlanta Regional Commission Activity-Based Travel Demand Model
  • Citywide roadway inventory
  • Citywide volume/capacity analysis
  • Developed Multi-Modal Urban Growth (MUG) model inputs
  • Developed recommendations to accommodate an additional 800,000 Residents in City of Atlanta

Traffic Impact Studies/Highway and Toll Forecasting 

Georgia State Route 25 at Canal Road Intersection Study Update

Client: Glynn County Georgia/Georgia Department of Transportation.

Study Highlights:

  • Evaluated traffic operations and safety
  • ITE forecasts for new shopping center
  • Operational analysis using Synchro
Birmingham Thoroughfare Plan Cube Avenue Model

Client: Birmingham RPC/Sain Associates

Study Highlights:

  • Developed Cube Avenue model for Birmingham, AL
  • Cutting edge mesoscopic model
  • Evaluated regional congestion
  • Developed recommendations for thoroughfare plan
  • Avenue model will also be used in support of Congestion Management
  • Planning (CMP)
  • Completed signal coding, matrix estimation, and voyager scripting
  • Thoroughfare analysis led to the replacement of a multi-billion dollar elevated toll road on US 280 with a Complete Streets network at a fraction of the cost to the Birmingham region.
M Street Streetcar Study 

Client: District Department of Transportation

Study Highlights:

  • Vision provided Synchro and VISSIM analysis to DDOT in support of the M Street Streetcar Study in Downtown Washington, DC.
  • Vision was responsible for developing and calibrating existing conditions Synchro and VISSIM models for the study area and performing alternatives analysis for the proposed M Street
Pahokee FL Hotel and Resort Study

Client: City of Pahokee

Study Highlights:

  • Transportation study to evaluate the impacts of proposed Guy Harvey hotel/resort on Lake Okeechobee.

  • Existing and future conditions analysis using Synchro

  • Developed future year build traffic projections using the ITE Trip Generation Manual

  • Trip Generation Manual

  • Developed recommendations to mitigate the future traffic

  • Impacts and improve the traffic circulation in downtown Pahokee.


Rail Transit/Freight 

Baltimore CBD Transit Analysis

Client: Baltimore City DOT

Study Highlights:

  1. Evaluated existing and future year modal shares in Baltimore Central Business District.
  2. Responsible for summarizing Cube/Tp+ select link analysis results into graphical illustrations of modal shares in the study area with and without the Red Line. 

Southeast Baltimore Action Plan

Client: Baltimore City DOT

Study Highlights:

  1. Evaluated existing and future year modal shares in the Canton and Fells Points areas of Baltimore. 
  2. Responsible for summarizing Cube/Tp+ select link analysis results into graphical illustrations of modal shares inthe study area with and without the Red Line
Brookhaven Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Client: Gresham Smith & Partners

Study Highlights:

  • Vision used the Atlanta Regional Commission Cube travel demand model as the basis for developing future year 2040 growth rates for the first City of Brookhaven Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).   
  • Vision added additional network detail to evaluate future transportation and land use scenarios in the City of Brookhaven including Complete Streets policies and Transit Oriented Development (TOD).  
  • The model was used to develop growth factors for the primary corridors in the City, and Cube was used to illustrate the corridors with the highest growth rates in graphically.
Rappahannock-Rapidan Freight Study Consultant

Client: Whitehouse Group, Inc.

Study Highlights:

  • Vision in support of Whitehouse Group Inc. served as the freight consultant for the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Council.
  • Effort included a review and synthesis of freight movements and profiles, an inventory of transportation conditions including inter-modal transfer points
  • Development of recommendations that will address future freight demand in the region which is a critical component of the regional economy.
Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission Model Assessment

Client: MNCPCC/Fehr and Peers

Study Highlights:

  • Assessment included a review of the Bill Allen Simplified Tour Based Model, DTALite, University of Maryland mesoscopic model, and agent based models.
  • Summarized auto availability models, household share models, trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, and highway assignment steps, tolling, and peak spreading capability.
  • Conducted a case study at intersection in downtown Bethesda to evaluate new urban performance measures; including pedestrian delay, bicycle delay, transit delay, and overall person delay.
Birmingham CBD Study

Client: Alabama DOT/Sain Associates

Study Highlights:

  • Evaluated impacts of major downtown freeway reconstruction in downtown Birmingham
  • Developed forecasts for construction and post-construction conditions 
Dougherty Road Study

Client:City of Aiken/URS

Study Highlights:

  • Evaluated existing two lane rural roadway
  • Evaluated proposed three lane section that included bicycle lanes and
  • Pedestrian facilities
  • Used Aiken County TransCAD model
  • Evaluated Complete Streets Network
Adamsville Medical Center Traffic Study 

Client: Fulton County

Study Highlights:

  • Vision completed a Traffic Impact Assessment of the Adamsville Medical Center which was recently constructed in Fulton County, Georgia.
  • Vision evaluated existing conditions and future conditions with the Medical Center.  
  • Tasks included traffic data collection, ITE Trip Generation, Traffic Signal Warrant Assessment, and capacity analysis.
  • Vision also prepared signal design plans including wireless communication for signal coordination, quantities, and construction cost estimate.