Transportation Planning

Vision Engineering and Planning, LLC specializes in Travel Demand Forecasting, Traffic Projections, and Transportation Impact Studies. The firm was founded by Paul Gilliam, PE, PTOE who has over twenty-three years of public and private sector experience in the areas of Traffic Engineering, Urban Planning, Transportation Planning, Highway and Rail Design, and Construction Management. Vision staff are proficient in a wide range of software including CLV, HCS, Synchro/SimTraffic, VISSIM, Dynasmart, Cube Avenue, TransCAD, and Cube/Tp+. Mr. Gilliam’s exposure to the various areas of transportation system development – from planning to construction – provides Vision a unique perspective into the coordination among these practices, especially in the areas of traffic simulation, dynamic traffic assignment; and travel demand modeling and analysis.

Mr. Gilliam is supported by senior professionals and support staff with years of travel forecasting, regional planning, and traffic engineering experience. Vision’s offices are strategically located to provide high quality technical services throughout the Southeastern United States to public and private sector clients in the following service lines:

  1. Travel Demand Forecasting
  2. Regional Planning
  3. Regional Operations Planning
  4. Project Planning Studies
  5. Multi-modal Corridor Studies
  6. Transit Forecasting
  7. Freight Planning
  8. Traffic Impact Studies
  9. Traffic Engineering and Safety Studies

Our Services

Traffic Engineering

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Vision applies the most innovative engineering principles which help solve some of today's most common transportation problems.

Our Transportation Planning techniques not only helps shape an area's economic health and quality of life, but also improves the mobility of people and goods.

Our primary focus is the improvent of all transport outcomes such as transport safety, travel reliability, and so much more.